Imperial Smokes is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of Premium Hookah Molasses in India associated with Blue Bell Industries. We have been in business since 2008 serving the hookah community by providing a wide variety of hookah molasses with a blend of quality Indian tobacco, with natural and nature identical flavoring substances and premium quality molasses giving it a special taste and flavor.

Every single flavor is exclusively created by Imperial Smokes using only the finest ingredients on planet earth. Taste-tested, and taste bud-approved. There's nothing better than freshly smoking an Imperial Smokes product.

Each Imperial Smokes flavor is an amazing bouquet of sophisticated fragrances. Those who like tender sweet tastes will surely enjoy such wonderful flavors as Blue Paan, Candy Cane, Cherry Cola, Pink Mischief & Star Fruit and those who are fond of fresh and cool flavors will appreciate the minty tastes of Imperial Smokes Double Apple Mint or Kiwi Mint.

Imperial Smokes molasses are premium Grade-A, all natural leafs are delicately nurtured and hand selected throughout the aging process. Manufactured in India, Our master blenders precisely infuse exotic flavors allowing for a robustly full and extremely thick smoke that stays consistent throughout your experience.

"Imperial Smokes" products are always 100% guaranteed. We serve you the best, because we are the best and we believe in the best.